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We have a strong vision regarding putting people first

TriTechnology TriTechnology

“It was the summer of 2000 and I was the CEO of Vedior. After 12 years of managing the company and building it into a global staffing leader, I had decided to leave. My 26-year career, which had led me to the top of several large companies, had been successful and gratifying. I always enjoyed the roles I had. However, during one of my walks in London’s Hyde Park following a long day of intensive roadshows, I came to the rather surprising conclusion that I had enjoyed my first job more than my last.

“I realized that, along the way, I missed the “old” environment, where management development was a key human development function shaped by expanding different departments through the addition of numerous young graduates who would create a talent pool. Over several years, these individuals would be challenged on a variety of projects by more senior people.

“Eventually, I saw this approach being marginalized or externalized by the laws of economics and efficiency. Maintaining the talent pools was deemed too expensive, and the subsequent loss of talent was considered too big. On top of that, I became convinced that the rat race in the fast lane needed to be structurally counterbalanced by walks in the park to facilitate reflection and recharge."

We introduced the Hub Philosophy, a working environment for personal growth

Gert Smit- Founder & Chairman

“All in all, it was clear that opportunities for personal growth and “furthering” in companies and other organizations were being reduced in the name of “economics” and “efficiency.” Based on this and the developments I had seen, I decided to create a business premised on one basic idea: the growth of people, which is both our purpose and our “why.” Now you can understand why our group management company carries the name “ParkLane Insight.” We believe in striking a balance between the park and fast lane, between speed and quality, driven by our insights about people.

“The decision to start a company felt very natural. Early on, I introduced what I call the “Hub Philosophy,” a working environment for personal growth. It’s a setting where people are regularly being challenged by senior colleagues so they can grow and further themselves, and where, after several years, they are afforded the opportunity to eventually find a better matching destination elsewhere. This is all part of our strategy, but of course, it is preferable that the end-stage occurs later rather than sooner.

“Operating as a Career Accelerator and Destination Finder, the core feature of the Hub Philosophy, are, in fact, the primary furthering functions of our company. Together they underpin our furthering ambition, which helps our professionals to grow faster. This benefits TriTechnology, reinforcing our growth, and enables customers to reap the rewards of our people’s drive.

“It is also why we focus on Economies of Motivation® rather than economies of scale. The Hub Philosophy has, from the very beginning, been our cornerstone. We have chosen to put people first and customers second, which is a matter of sequence and not hierarchy, a preference for positioning one over the other. Motivation is a key driver for personal growth to further yourself and consequently your customers."

Gert Smit
Founder & chairman

The people

Who are the people behind our knowledge-sharing network organization?


TriTechnology is a contemporary and pragmatic organization where the growth of people comes first. With our approach, employees can take ownership of different roles within their current function, which stimulates co-creation and increases Economies of Motivation®️.

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Our binding elements

Our values

Our values are important. They are the building blocks of our identity and our unique way of working. Values can inspire people. They are an invitation to open a dialogue, facilitating thoughtful reflection on our behavior.

  • Openness

    Our values are important. They are the building blocks of our identity and our unique way of working. Values can inspire people. They are an invitation to open a dialogue, facilitating thoughtful reflection on our behavior.

  • Responsibility

    We take ownership of our pragmatic Do-How approach. This is how we arrive at solutions.

  • Integrity

    We always try to do the right thing while upholding our values. Never compromise yourself.

  • Trust

    People work best when there is a strong foundation of trust. It is at the core of everything we do.

  • Personal leadership

    Apply your values and life principles to your role as a leader. Don’t let time and chance determine your course.

  • Pragmatism

    Think things through and make decisions. Offer tangible and practical solutions that work in the real world, not just on paper.

  • Reciprocity

    Share without expectations.

  • Intrinsic motivation

    We are naturally driven to enjoy, explore, learn and further our potential.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork will always take us further, on both a professional and personal level.

  • Idiosyncrasy

    We embrace “oddness.” It is where you diverge from others that you add value to one another.

  • Leadership by example

    Walk your talk. Do what you say and lead with your actions.

TriTechnology represents the natural next step in the evolution of the ParkLane Insight Group, which is built around people’s growth and motivation, all focused on the furthering of our people.

We grow through the growth of our people