Three examples of effective digital customer experiences

28 June 2022

What creates a great digital customer experience? A superior digital customer experience delights new and existing consumers, discourages them from leaving for a competitor, and improves lifetime value. To achieve this, companies need to take important consumer concerns into consideration: reachability, convenience, personalization, ease of use and consistency.

Three examples of effective digital customer experiences

1. Ordering from the comfort of the couch

A major coffee retailer allows customers to order in advance by speaking to their virtual assistant devices before leaving home. The digital assistant is connected to the retailer’s app, where the customer’s payment info is stored, so payment happens automatically. All customers need to do is pick up the drink from a nearby location. It illustrates how reachability and convenience play key roles in the digital customer experience.

2. Buying guides for dressing up

It’s not easy to buy formal clothing online. A clothing retailer created online buying guides for hard-to-fit items like business suits and wedding attire. The guides gave customers more confidence in their choices, reducing the likelihood that they’d need to return their purchases. With helpful context for making a purchase, the clothing retailer becomes a trusted advisor to the customer.

The better the digital experience, the more likely users will come back again.

3. A chatbot for insomniacs

Chatbots offer a friendly way to engage with customers, especially if you’re a mattress company that encourages insomniacs to text with a chatbot in the middle of the night. The feature is designed to create a pleasing connection with a brand, while collecting contact information from prospective customers.

As consumers move more of their interactions to the digital world, it’s crucial for organizations to provide ever more engaging digital experiences. And remember, it’s not about high-tech wizardry. The goal is to give consumers a positive feeling every time they encounter a brand in the digital world.

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