Pragmatic Advisory

Your challenges

  • Technology as an enabler for your business with efficient IT operations and processes that support business decisions
  • Digitalize and optimize your customer & employee processes
  • End-to-end implementation approach for your IT projects

We go beyond advisory to generate value for our clients in a pragmatic way, from insights to implementation with a strong focus on the ServiceNow and Microsoft Power Platform

Beyond Advisory

Let it Flow in ServiceNow

Strategic Advice

In an era characterized by digital transformation and the speed of innovation, we give strategic advice on how ServiceNow optimally supports your business goals and identify the steps you can take to implement the platform effectively.


Our implementation teams are composed out of experts who jointly provide the ideal combination of knowledge and experience.

By installing end-to-end process thinking and by facilitating knowledge-sharing and transparency, crucial steps towards a culture of continuous improvement can be taken, eventually transforming your company into a future-fit organization.

Our focus in implementation can be concluded in the following domains:  

  • IT Excellence : IT Service Management
  • Customer Experience : Customer Service Management & Field Service Management
  • Employee Experience : Employee Service Delivery with a strong focus on the employee related processes (onboarding, …) and the employee portal.

Business Support

We deliver support on how ServiceNow optimally supports your business goals and identify the steps you can take to implement the platform effectively.

Currently we only offer this during business hours.

End-to-end project implementation

As many IT projects go over time and over budget, and only 64 percent of projects meet their goals, implementation can be hazardous. Experienced TriTechnology professionals, however, have implemented numerous projects successfully.

Our end-to-end implementation approach will support your organization’s project owners all the way through the process, from conceptualization to delivery. We partner with you as a client and will challenge the software integrator.

Our project implementation service includes:

  • IT Analysis and definition of business and functional requirements
  • Business case set-up
  • Stakeholder management, risk management, change management 
  • Expertise mobilization in relevant functional domains
  • Test strategy, scenario design, and testing execution
  • Strong aftercare management
  • IT Project management
  • IT Program management

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