Accelerate innovation with low-code applications

30 June 2022

We used to talk about why low-code is important and why companies need to embrace it. We have moved beyond that and most organizations get it. The demand for apps is unprecedented and companies are not able to hire enough technical talent to meet demand. Without low-code you are simply not able to keep up. We see that in the statistics for companies embracing low-code, and embracing fusion teams, where pro developers, citizen developers, and IT professionals come together to build, deploy, and manage apps in collaboration.

With a forecast shortage of four million developers in the next four years gives a clear momentum for you to embrace low-code as part of your development process.

At TriTechnology we’ve chosen to build Low-Code applications on two platforms :

  • The Microsoft Power Platform
  • The ServiceNow Now Platform

Power to the Platform - The Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is considered as the business application platform and consist mainly out of the following components :

  • Power BI
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents

But it’s more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together—and to Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps—and build end-to-end business solutions.

By connecting your pro developers with citizen developers in the business, and your IT teams directly, Microsoft Power Platform can increase your organization’s low-code application development value with much faster ROI, time to market, and reduction in your overall development costs.

It’s Now on Now - The ServiceNow Now Platform

The Now Platform which aims to help organizations move beyond pandemic-induced transformation by driving productivity, scaling automation through the enterprise, and creating better experiences for a hybrid world.

The current release (San Diego) has three main sections: the Next Experience, the Automation Engine, and industry solutions.

The Next Experience

The Next Experience is designed for “agents” – people who are actually interacting with an employee or customer. It includes over 25 purpose-built workspaces that offer a next-generation visual design, surface insights with dashboards, and use machine learning to assign tasks and suggest the next best action.

Most importantly, the Next Experience includes a customer service management (CSM) Configurable Workspace, and Dispatcher Workspace For Field Service Management, so field service and customer service teams can efficiently respond to requests or problems customers may be having.

The Automation Engine

The Automation Engine is a complete automation and integration solution that combines Integration Hub (a service which quickly integrates ServiceNow products into systems) with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities.

We see a lot of customers having SAP or now migrating from NAV or AX to Microsoft Business Central (BC). Although technical integrations with those systems have been made easier over the last years, but they’re still notoriously difficult to integrate with on the process level.

You have a lot of processes where you’ve got an agent who is taking a request from an employee and they literally have to switch over and type the same content of that form over in the ERP. The Automation Engine is a new service that actually automates this process, reduces errors, and it drives efficiencies across that process.

Automation Engine features the brand-new RPA Hub, which provides a centralized command and control centre to monitor, manage, and deploy digital robots.

Industry solutions

Finally, ServiceNow is implementing new, out-of-the-box industry solutions.

Within the customer support application, there’s now an out of the box customer support application, it means knowing enough information about our customer’s customer to be able to help our customer support their customers.

New Deposit Operations for Banking automates common checking, savings, and certificate of deposit requests to help bank employees complete work quickly. In addition, Client Lifecycle Operations for Banking manages onboarding, account updates, and notice of death processes more efficiently.

Lastly, ServiceNow has deployed its first targeted solutions for technology providers to launch new services quickly, allowing them to keep up with the increasing demand for cloud‑based and managed services. Services include Technology Provider Service Management to combine care and operations together with AI‑powered self‑service and support for more proactive customer and ecosystem experiences.

Driving productivity and efficiency

Especially its Automation Engine is all about increasing productivity and fixing inefficient processes.

By having the Automation Engine to connect all the systems and departments that support a process, that’s going to deliver a better experience. For agents, having all of the information they need at their fingertips allows them to give the right answer at the right time with an automated seamless process. You need a password reset, the password gets reset. You’re having an error on your computer, you get it back up and running quickly.

You can read more about the different platforms through these links: