Yves: ‘I want to take ownership and build strong relationships while supporting the furthering of TriTechnology’

27 February 2023
In a nutshell
  • Yves on his career path in IT
  • The perfect match with TriTechnology
  • About the opportunities within TriTechnology
  • Ownership and strong relationship building

Yves made a career switch from ServiceNow Product Owner to Project Consultant at TriTechnology. Using his experience as a partner to help clients in the best and customized way, he can take ownership and build strong relationships while TriTechnology supports his furthering.

Describe yourself in two sentences.

I would describe myself as someone with a fast-paced approach who is trustworthy with a thirst for ownership and teamwork.

Tell us something more about your career path.

Me and IT have been a match made in heaven for 23 years now. I took my first steps in the IT world at an Internet provider as a technical help desk employee. Even back then, I consciously chose a company with a focus on customer & employee experience. After 2 years I switched companies and filled in a role as Service Engineer. A role I fulfilled 10 years with great passion where I could implement and optimize the Internet, IOT and Cloud tools with an expansion of the team of which I was team leader.

In the second part of my IT career I was a team leader at a large French company where I managed a remote team of System Engineers for the Benelux region. Next I took on the role of Service Delivery Manager untill I became System Administrator in the implementation of ServiceNow. In 2018, I started as Incident & Problem Manager within a start-up where I took the role of ServiceNow Product Owner/Sysadmin.

After 4 years of gaining technical product experience and learning how to build/maintain long-term customer relationships I made the move towards TriTechnology. Here I can apply my experience as a partner to help (future) clients in a better and customized way. I can’t wait to further my career and to create successful projects with satisfied customers.

"I knew very quickly that I wanted to pursue a career in IT. As a Project Consultant at TriTechnology, I get the opportunity to broaden that expertise while doing projects in different types of organizations and sectors."

Yves Biset, Project Consultant @ TriTechnology

What project are you currently working on?

As a Project Consultant in ServiceNow at TriTechnology I work on multiple small and large projects. Currently I’m responsible for five client projects to manage the partnership with ServiceNow (BSD). In my current projects I implement new and additional ServiceNow instances and applications while providing ServiceNow Support (BSD) on existing installations.

"Thanks to TriTechnology, I can broaden my expertise in IT and come into contact with different types of organizations and industries."

Yves Biset, Project Consultant @ TriTechnology

Where do you want to be within 5 years?

Within 5 years I want to be an operational leader of a strong team with an expertise in ServiceNow with the goal to make TriTechnology an established value and partner within the

If you could, in two sentences, convince someone to become your new colleague, what would those sentences be?

At TriTechnology they listen to your needs while you’re being an active participant in creating your own professional path. Also the work-life balance is great!

What is your advice for a new colleague?

Be yourself while believing in your own strength and those of your colleagues, only then the sky becomes the limit.