Cross Enterprise Apps

Build cross-enterprise low-code apps fast with Microsoft PowerApps or on the ServiceNow NOW Platform.

Build cross-enterprise low-code apps fast with Microsoft PowerApps or on the ServiceNow NOW Platform

Growth now requires faster, more agile automation delivered through software. Leaders of service delivery departments, including human resources, customer service, and IT, have realized that success comes to those who can innovate the fastest.

Having your IT service management, HR service delivery, and customer service management on one platform should be the goal, but to achieve game-changing results you must embrace a low-code solution that is also natively compatible.

As a result, you will expand your roster of creators, make your end users more productive, and allow your centers of excellence to remain… well, excellent.

This buy-to-build approach empowers everyone within your organization to think about ways to solve business problems with automated workflows. With more people building with less complexity, your company can create low-code apps fast and safely scale cross-enterprise experiences that users love.

  • Empower more creators to bring their own workflow apps to production quickly for mission-critical tasks. Design with best practice guidance and templates—all within a holistic low-code dev experience.
  • Accelerate process automation and show value quickly with native integration and low code. Scale your workflows from simple to complex, with consistency across the enterprise.
  • Collaborate with no friction, enabling builders of all skills to code harmoniously in a shared environment. Free business creators to build apps while maintaining app quality and platform stability.
  • Captivate users by delighting them in the moments that matter with a modern unified experience that’s easy to understand. Build mobile-first experiences using our intuitive, low-code designer.

Seamlessly embed AI and analytics in every app to amplify your work. Predict issues, make smarter business decisions, and help people get work done easier and faster.


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